Mona Sutphen

Partner, Macro Advisory Partners, and Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff of Policy (2009-2011)

Mona is a Partner at Macro Advisory Partners. She joined the firm from UBS AG, where she was Managing Director based in its New York offices. At UBS, she covered geopolitical risk and macro policy trends. From 2009 to 2011, Mona served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy under President Barack Obama. She was a US Foreign Service Officer from 1991-2000, serving on the National Security Council at the White House, as part of the US Mission to the United Nations; in the Office of the High Representative in Sarajevo, for the State Department; and at the US Embassy in Bangkok. From 2001 to 2008, Mona was Managing Director at Stonebridge International, a Washington-based global strategy consulting firm that advises multinational corporations and financial institutions. Mona holds a BA from Mount Holyoke College and an MSc from the London School of Economics.


Geopolitics: Inevitable Disruption

As the US takes center stage as the top global oil and gas producer, it is leading to fundamental geopolitical and macroeconomic changes as well. What will this mean for global trade flows, other major producing countries, the balance of power in the Middle East, the future of OPEC and the role of China as the biggest global importer?

We will discuss how these developments will disrupt the structure of energy markets and traditional relationships between and among buyers and sellers, as well as investment implications and sustainability of producing countries outside of Saudi Arabia and US/Canada?

All Discussion Leaders & Topics

Scott Anderson

Senior Policy Director, US Climate and Energy Program

Discussion: Where is the common ground with the environmental movement?


Don Bagley

Vice President - Business Development at ExxonMobil Exploration Company

Discussion: International Exploration


David Baldwin

Co-President, SCF Partners

Discussion: Continuous Technology Disruptions


Porter Bennett

President and CEO, Ponderosa Advisors LLC

Discussion: Oil & Gas Fundamentals and their Impact on the Future of Energy


Kirk Coburn

Shell Technology Ventures, Co-founder The Frontier Conference

Discussion: AI and Machine Learning: Where and how is it applied today and how will it be applied tomorrow in E&P and Trading?


Tom Gardner

President, Millennium Energy Advisors

Discussion: Financing E&P Projects: A Whole New Landscape


Kathleen Hartnett White

Distinguished Senior Fellow-in-residence & Director, Armstrong Center For Energy & The Environment

Discussion: Global Warming: Dead on Arrival or a Looming Disruptor?


Katie Mehnert

Founder and CEO of Pink Petro

Discussion: Talent and Culture - The New Ts and Cs For Energy


Mark Mills

Partner, Cottonwood Venture Partners

Discussion: Which renewables have a legitimate chance to disrupt hydrocarbons? What is needed for them to do so?


Patrick Reames

Founder, Commodity Technology Advisory

Discussion: Blockchain: Where and how will it be best used in oil and gas?


Dr. Mukul Sharma

Professor, W.A. (Tex) Moncrief, Jr. Centennial Chair in Petroleum, Geosystems and Chemical Engineering University of Texas at Austin

Discussion: Water: Reinjection or Reuse? How is the technology evolving?


Mona Sutphen

Partner, Macro Advisory Partners, and Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff of Policy

Discussion: Geopolitics: Inevitable Disruption


Matt Thomas

President and CEO of JP3 Measurement

Discussion: How Are Machine Learning and Data Analytics Changing Crude and Natural Gas Marketing?


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